Almost Gone!

Well, the time draws nearer for me to catch the big metal/carbon fiber bird of the sky. So I thought I would test this site out to see how it will look. I’ve included a photo taken 100 feet from where I live. In the background is Mount Diablo and of course,the sun.

Singapore airport is where you will probably hear from me next.




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8 thoughts on “Almost Gone!

  1. utgod99

    Looking good JJ. You may wanna re-size the photo’s a bit. My guess is uploading full size images while on lower bandwidth connections will take a lot of time.

  2. The photo of the place where upi live is gorgeous!!!!

    • Thank you Michelle! At the moment there are flocks of geese and ducks flying in. This area is part of the Pacific Flyway and they will be here until March.

  3. rebemerald

    Hi Jim, what a beautiful place you live in, I hope to see it one day soon 🙂 Happy retreating to you!

    • Thank you Rebecca. I just arrived at the Singapore Airport. 18 hrs in a plane and only one stop. I’ll write when I get to Kopan.

  4. jimhansenauto

    Glad you made it to Singapore. We are waiting to experience your travels with you!

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