The course starts today!

gompa chushions

this is where the teachings will take place. The main gompa at Kopan. I will be sitting in a chair on the left side

Well I thought I should write a little for those of you who like to read.
After a long flight to Singapore via Korea (18 hrs) and a 10 hour layover at the Singapore airport. And a 6 hour flight to Kathmandu. The Himalaya’s and Everest came into view above the clouds.

Kathmandu airport hasn’t changed in the 12 years that I have been coming here and probably hasn’t changed since the 70’s. It’s simple and has no frills but seems to work for the thousands and thousands that come here. If you ever plan on flying into here, get your visa ahead of time. It will save you an hour or more of waiting in line with your visa forms that you have just filled out.

It was like coming home when I arrived at Kopan. It has been 4 years since I have been here. There has been some changes made since my last visit. More accommodation has been built, they finished the new school for the monks and the stupa for Lama Lhundrup is being built. The nunnery gompa still isn’t done, but there is a lot of finish work going on inside, so hopefully it will be done soon. They are also going to build a larger stupa here for Lama Lhundrup in the style of the one in Bodhgaya.

I’ve included a photo of the gompa we will be using as our classroom. It’s beautiful! And will hold all 250 of us easily.

If I can slip out during the course I will post some photos of the monks and ?

I hope you are all well. I am and I’m happy!

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5 thoughts on “The course starts today!

  1. rebemerald

    Jim, how beautiful the gompa looks, happy memories for me looking at this photo – wish I was there xox

  2. Well, I’m in. And the photos are beautiful. Have a great great course, Mr. Jim!

  3. Hope your course is going well Jim!!!

    Please say “hello” to Lama Rigzin & the other Geshes there (the one who hang out at the coffee shop).

    Enjoy yourself!
    Michelle xx

  4. Jim,

    How’s it been out there? I hope you’re having a great time.


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