Last post from India

This will be my last post from India. I’m in Delhi now and leave for an overnight stay in the transit hotel in  Singapore tomorrow.

 The hotel I’m at now has me staying in room 007!  “Bond….. James Bond” or “Johnson…..James Johnson!” I’ve checked the closets, the bathroom and under the bed. No secret agents to be found anywhere. But if you never hear from me again, please ask my son or the queen or Obama or His Holiness if they know of  my whereabouts.

I’ve attached a time lapse sequence I shot of the boats that view the burning ghats in Varanasi. It is a 15 minute view condensed into 2 seconds.

Thank you to all of you who have followed my blog (I guess that’s what they call it). And for the kind comments. I hope you all have enjoyed following along. And for those of you who don’t know,  if you click on the photos, you get a much better image.

Any recommendations on how to improve my next blog, if there is one, would be welcomed.

Much love to you all. And may peace prevail in our lifetime.

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2 thoughts on “Last post from India

  1. utgod99

    Nice time lapsed…. pretty cool. Pretty busy place for only 15 mins. Odd, there’s two boats that are kinda floating in place. They move for boats to go by but not leaving.

    Pictures have been awesome to see!

    • Thank you for the reply and again for the kind words. I’ve got 1500 more photos that I haven’t posted that you can see when I get home if you like.

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