My thoughts on my trip to Australia now that I am home

San Francisco is not the most beautiful city in the world as some people claim it to be. Of all the major cities I have been to in the world, Sydney and it’s surrounding harbors, is by far the most beautiful to my eyes. I don’t particularly like big cities and would never live in one but I could manage in a place like Mosman Bay near Sydney.

Before I arrived in Australia I posted a list of the expected cost of items in Australia. I can now confirm that they were all true. If you drink any kind of sugar sweet soda, aka Coke, it will cost you double or more to buy it. As will everything else you will buy there. Taxi’s…double, hotel rooms…double, food….double, beer…double or more. Why? Because they pay decent wages and the Chinese and Japanese are buying property like there is no tomorrow.

All of the local non indigenous people that I met were very friendly and very helpful. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet with any indigenous people. Just as we did here in the US, the same has happened to the Aboriginal People of Australia. If you take away the land that they survive on and pen them up somewhere and give them money to live on and there is no land for them to live off of, they turn to alcohol. I guess it’s human legacy, because it has been happening from the beginning of human existence. Divide and conquer.

I enjoyed my trip to Australia. Especially the overland trip thru the Outback. And connecting with a Tibetan Buddhist center in Sydney. I had hoped to travel to Bendigo where the Great Stupa is being built and where Ven. Gyatso is building a monastery. It didn’t happen this time but maybe in the future it will.

For those of you who live in the US and may have heard the expression “throw some shrimp on the barbie”, I didn’t see anyone doing that. And I also didn’t see anyone drinking Fosters beer. And most places don’t even sell it.

This last photo of Australia is one of my favorites. I have been asked to post a few photos of where I live. I will do so soon. Thank you all for following along and your comments. I take them all to heart.

desert sunset

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One thought on “My thoughts on my trip to Australia now that I am home

  1. utgod99

    Amazing shot!

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