Kopan and more

After a couple of wonderful days seeing old friends and making purchases, it’s time to settle down and get with the program,  which starts with the introductory session tomorrow evening.

The weather has been amazing lately. I have been coming to Nepal now for 15 years and have seen Himalayan mountains that I have never seen before. They have always been shrouded in clouds. Not very easy to share via photos because they are so far away. But zoom in if you can.


View from Kopan of the Kathmandu valley


Kopan gompa (sorta like a temple) our meeting/teaching place. Photos will be coming soon


Stupas in the garden


Lama Lhundrup stupa on the left and Lama Conchog Stupa on the right



Boudhanath  Stupa with Himalayas in the background

The top portion of the stupa was damaged during the earthquake so they had to completely remove it and repair it. They also re-plated it in gold and are in the process of repainting the entire stupa.


Worker on stupa


typical traffic.jpg

The wiring on the right matches the traffic below. But it all seems to work …….most of the time!


Vendors at the stupa

Nepali men 95 on the right 92 on the left.jpg

Nepali men. 95 years young on the left, 92 on the right

This may be my last post for awhile. The internet gets cut off today at the monastery but I will be going into town in a week or so, so I may be able to post more. If not, I won’t be back until Dec. 5.




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