Moonlit nights

Up until today, it has been quiet on Kopan hill. Today the Hindu music started and was floating uphill all day. It is actually very nice to hear. In case one has forgotten that they are in a foreign country! Never mind all the monks, the statues, the stupas and 230 other foreigners that you are reminded of daily. They must have a very good sound system because it’s not distorted at all and you can clearly hear it. I imagine it has to be a least a mile away. Not my kind of dancing music though.

Tonight, as I do every night, I sat at the tables that are on the roof of the dinning hall. The moon is getting fuller daily (nightly?). There are some lights on the roof but they were off tonight so it made eating the vegetable soup kinda special. You can see all of the lights of Kathmandu and of the valley below on the other side of Kopan hill. Magical! They make their own peanut butter here and it is delightfully good. No attachment allowed (to the peanut butter) for those of you who know something of Buddhism.

My discussion group is made up of some very interesting people from all over the world. They are all “chair” people like me. And we sit at the same spot as I have dinner at. None of us can handle sitting in the “Lotus” position or anything close to it. We range in age from 22 to me. From the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria and India. We had an amazing discussion today based on women’s role in Buddhism and in particular world matters. With some insight into how women are treated in India and how it is slowly changing for the better. At least in the middle and upper classes at the moment.

I haven’t managed to get any photos of the young monks yet. We westerners took over their gompa and they have had to move to other buildings scattered around the hill. So we don’t see them much at all. Below are a couple of shots of the same stupas I took during the day that I previously posted.





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