Prayer wheel


Very large prayer wheel with billions of mantras inside.


Lama Zopa Rinpoche arrived about a week ago and has been teaching for the last 4 afternoons. He had a stroke in 2011 and has recovered very well. It affected his right side and his speech. He actually speaks better now than before the stroke. He still has a slight limp but overall is in good shape.

In the past when he has spoken I could never understand his English. They have now added transcribing and projecting it onto a screen for all to see. Which has helped tremendously. And I can even understand some of his speech.

They don’t allow photos of him in the gompa but I hope to get some at the end of the course.

They also don’t allow photos of the monks eating in their dinning room. I know, I tried. It is the only place at the moment where you can see them all together at the same time.

On another note. In the past the smog and dust from the unpaved roads in the valley below, never used to make it up the hill to the monastery. Now it does. And has effected my eyes every day and leaves a thin layer of dust on everything. Bust hasn’t effected the peace and tranquility yet.


Lama Zopa is always stopping on his way from the airport to Kopan and saving goats from being slaughtered. This is where they live their life out. They even have their own stupa to circumambulate around. It is a short distance from the monastery and can be seen from the roof of the dinning hall.



Staircase to Nirvana (or to the roof of the dinning hall) depending on your point of view.



There is a small farm just below the monastery property that I have watched over the years. They do everything by hand. No machinery whatsoever. They turn the soil over with shovels and hoes. And pick all of the vegetables by hand. The small black piles are cow manure. I doubt that they have an organic certification but I can certify that they don’t use any kind of weed or bug killer and only use the freshest cow dung. Unless they spray at night, which I doubt.



These are the oldest rooms left at Kopan now. All of the older rooms have been slowly updated over the years. The younger monks stay in these rooms.


I heard that there was an earthquake here in Nepal. I didn’t feel it but others did. No damage in this area and I haven’t heard of any anywhere yet. We don’t get much news here. Well at least the westerners don’t or at least aren’t supposed to. A lot of the monks have cel phones and are on top of what is happening in the world. When I am online posting this blog I purposely don’t check the news.

I will be posting again in about 5 days or so. The entire group of us are being bused to the Boudhanath stupa on Dec. 4. So I should have an update then.

Thank you all for looking and the kind comments.

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  1. Andrew Bates

    Thanks Jim for sharing. See you when you get back to Pirates’ Lair.

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