I have transitioned from Kopan Monastery to Tibet Guest House in Chetrapati

Time to move on and say goodbye to old friends and meet new ones. Kopan has always had a special place in my heart. It is very peaceful there. It is beautiful. All of the monks and nuns are very friendly and happy. And all of the people I have met there over the 15 years that I have been coming to Kopan, have all been wonderful. I guess it kinda draws that type of person to the hill where the monastery is.

So after spending time with my friends Tsonamgel and Indra at Tushita Heaven Handicrafts, where I purchase all of my Thangkas and having a millet beer at the Double Dorje Restaurant (owned by a lovely Tibetan couple) it was time to say goodbye to them, the stupa and Kopan.



The best apple pie in all of Nepal. Well at least as far as I know. And what do I know.



Thongpa – fermented millet beer that you add boiling water to and drink thru a straw. A favorite of cold climates in this area. The black tape just holds the bamboo together and doesn’t effect the flavor. This beer has less alcohol than regular beer but it just seems to keep going and going and going. They give you a large thermos full of hot water to keep adding as the level goes down. It has a slightly bitter taste but nothing to complain about.



This is how a thangka painting starts out. It is hand drawn by a master painter. No grid lines. No stencil. All by experience and all by eye.



This is the master painter applying faces and extra fine detail. The other painters are not allowed to do this until they have been painting for many years.




My room this time at Tibet Guest House. I guess it pays to have people that remember you. I think this is a $55 a night room that I am paying $35 for.


Room 607 top floor. Not too bad!


The next time you will hear from me will be from Bhutan. I am really looking forward to this upcoming trip. I have heard some amazing things about Bhutan and the people.


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