120 miles of 1 lane road being converted to 2 lanes

After 3 days on 120 miles of 1 lane road being converted to 2 lanes, I am glad to be finished with it. The first day we drove the 120 miles at plus or minus 15 miles per hour with numerous stops because of the road being blocked by equipment. The next day we drove half way back on the same road and spent the night at a very nice hotel in the valley where Black Necked Cranes from Tibet nest in the winter. Today we drove the rest of the way back to the city of Paro where the international airport is. That is 240 miles of bumpy, dusty, slow, interesting and awe inspiring road that I would have done differently if I had known. Amazingly they only held us up for ten minutes at a time. All the while widening a road that in places was only 12′ wide and in some places a 1000′ drop on one side and a 1000′ cliff on the other. It was amazing to see how it is done. We only saw 2 mishaps which I only have a photo of one. One was a large earth mover high up on the mountain tipped upside down. I have no info if the operator survived or not. But just looking at where this happened at what could have happened (the thing tumbling all of the way down the mountain) I can only hope he is okay. The other mishap we saw was a forklift upside down in a river.



There is a yellow dot in the middle of this photo that the next photo will explain.



I hope the operator is okay.



These are Black Necked Cranes from Tibet that winter in Bhutan from Oct. to March. They are very endangered. There are only 300 of them left alive. The country of Bhutan has gone to great lengths to protect these birds. There are no above ground power lines in this provence. No one is allowed to fish in the rivers while they are here. No one is allowed to make any loud sounds or to disturb them in any way. While we were here we saw only 12. They mate for life.




Very dangerous cat from Bhutan!



My favorite local beer. $.80 to $2.00 in shop. $1.50 to $3.00 in a hotel.


My drivers car is red and I have named it Red Panda in honor of this beer.



9 year young monk.



Heavy loads.



Typical building architecture.



The King is 36, the queen is 26. His father is still alive! Some kind of black history no one likes to talk about but the father is still in control.



Old monk.



Yak valley.




Moonrise over Paro.




Tomorrow I am off on a 4 hour each way trek to the “Tigers Nest” monastery. Probably the most well known site in Bhutan. And something I am looking forward to seeing if I can make it there and back.

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