Those of you who know I am in Scotland at the moment may be wondering what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks. Well I will tell you. The first three to four days I was getting over jet lag. Then I had a bad attack of Gout. Which I am just now getting over. 9 days and counting! For those of you who have never had Gout, be thankful. It is very painful and will keep you off your feet the whole time (if you get it at your big toe, where mine starts).

I was able to take a few photos yesterday. They are below.

The lane that takes you to Maris’s house.


Next door neighbor.


With baby.


Okay guys and gals at work. Take a look at this SLOW. They don’t use stencils here. At least not in this area. This was done by hand. They take the shoe off of the handliner and drag it by hand. Another person keeps the shoe full by pouring plastic from a metal bucket.


Same with this arrow. Done by hand. No stencil. If you are wondering why that arrow is where it is?  I will tell you. It is a “time to get back in your proper lane” warning for people that are passing other cars in this area. “Because soon you won’t be able to see around the corner that is coming up.”  Also notice the “cats eyes” reflective snow marker that is recessed into the pavement. They use these everywhere. Even in areas that usually don’t see snow.


Country road with windmills in the background.



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2 thoughts on “SCOTLAND

  1. Thanks Jim for reaching out. You’re a great photographer. I want to be like you. Take care, we’ll see you soon.

  2. Hey, Jim. Hate to hear about your ailments. Come home and we’ll take care of you. Our best email address is: Kerrie really misses you (although he’ll never admit it)! Love your pictures.

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