Back home

I’m back home now. And I have to update my last comments about the weather in Scotland. For the last 7 days that I was in Scotland the weather was gorgeous. Not suntan weather, but no rain, no snow and no wind. And I think the good weather is continuing as I write this.

My friend Maris and I were able to install the engineered laminate floor in the hallway just before I left. And I mean just before….minutes before. We had been waiting on the new concrete floor to be completely dry before installing the new floor on top of it. We didn’t think it was going to be dry before I left so we installed 80% of the floor, made as many fitting cuts as we could and then uninstalled the flooring. Of course, as it happens, the next day we got the “go ahead” that the floor was dry! So we reinstalled everything in the next two days. Maris did all of the angle cuts on the trim and glued all of them in place. Along with fitting most of the flooring together and doing all of the final touchup sealing. What did I do you may ask……well besides cutting a few boards too short, I pushed the play button again so that we could listen to the same music over and over again. Yes I know, there is a repeat button, but getting up off of my knees gave me a break. Red Hot Chili Pipers, they are great if you haven’t heard them.

In the near future I may post some photos of the work we do and the places we travel to in California, if anyone would like to see them.

And I’m already thinking about my next trip this winter. It’s either Australia for 2 months or camping in Africa for 2 months. Not sure yet.





The white carpet and uneven floor that is getting removed. That’s Tara overseeing the project.


The layers of linoleum and tarpaper under the carpet and on top of the sandstone slabs.


Sandstone slabs and soil underneath.


Plastic before the new concrete floor.


Real gold color underlay.


Installing first row.




Maris measuring for my cut. If I measured, it was usually wrong. Eyesight maybe? Or just old!



Maris is actually working. The foot of the chair she is sitting in is keeping some recently glued trim from moving and she is keeping the chair from moving.

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