Back in Scotland

Well it’s good to be back in Scotland. The weather is as usual for this time of year. Wet, cold, wet, a little sunshine, wet and more wet. I guess that’s why every thing is green here. It rained so much the first day I arrived here, that the water went over the banks of the nearby river and cut us and a few other homes off from being able to leave. There was wide spread flooding over all of England and Scotland. We’ve had a few days of sunshine here and there, so it hasn’t been too bad. No cabin fever, yet. 

Scottish hills

Scottish hills

News Flash! Two front end loaders full of cow manure just arrived! Yes, they are for the garden to be. And Maris is wanting 2-3 more buckets full! If you could have seen the joy and smile on her face. I have never seen someone so overjoyed to be receiving cow poop. We leveled these two buckets off in preparation for some more to come in the next few days.

poop spreader

poop spreader

I guess I should explain about how the cow poop came to be. It comes from cows. The cows live on the same farm as Maris does. Along with lots of sheep. The cows do their business all of the time. Hence, lots of poop. The poop has to go somewhere, so the farm hands take it to the fields. They have so much of it, they gladly give it to overjoyed women who want it  plopped, literally, into their yard.

View across the valley from Maris's house

View across the valley from Maris’s new house

The main farm house across the valley

The main farm house across the valley

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