Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks

I think that everyone that did the whole 10 day tour agreed that these last 3 days were the best. Partly because the area where the permanent tents are located is flooded and crocodiles are using the tents and partly because of the beautiful but wet scenery. They put us up in air conditioned cubicles, 2 beds and 2 people to each one. Just enough room for a set of bunk beds and that was it. But there were no mosquitos and there was a/c, so most people were happy.

#3 mode of trans.-1Our mode of transportation for this part of the trip. When it rained, everyone but the driver got wet inside. Richard, our guide, loved to blast around at what I thought was a high speed for off road. I sat at the back for one day and I’m sure compressed part of my neck muscles from the vehicle hitting ruts in the road at high speed. He also delighted in not slowing down at sections of the road that were flooded. This would create a fan of water on each side of the truck that reached way beyond the sides of the road. You could have drenched hundreds of people if they were standing there.

Richard #3 guide-18 Richard, our guide for the third leg of the tour. The best cook of the 3 tour guides. And a Kiwi, from New Zealand.

walking thru tall grass-29 Some of the tall grass that has grown due to all of the rain. The locals of this area say it has 6 seasons instead of 4. They are: 1. Cool weather time, May to June, 2. Early dry season, June to August, 3. Hot dry season, August to October, 4. Pre monsoon season, October to December, 5. Monsoon season December to March, 6. Harvest time, April.

Driving through the flooded road at about 40 miles per hour! the northern bush-27 Grass lands

wild donkey-35 Wild donkey

rock art-23 Rock art

rock art close up-22

rock art 1-20

river crossing-19 crossing creek


red grasshopper-17 rare red grasshopper that only eats one kind of plant

water grass dancing-32water grass dancing

wasp dragging spider-31wasp dragging spider back to it’s nest so that it can lay an egg in it and when the egg hatches the spider will be food for the newly hatched wasp

red flower-16

motor car falls-14

motor car falls 2-13motor car falls (not sure why they call them this, obviously a white persons description)

flower & ant-8

Wangi Falls-30Wangi Falls


Gold snake in tree-9Golden Snake in tree

Yellow River wetlands-36Yellow River wet lands

young Eagle-37young eagle

Sea Eagle-24Sea Eagle

Crocodile-7small Crocodile

Crocodile claw-6Crocodile claw

Cormarant family-4

2 Kingfishers-22 Kingfishers

Termite mound-26 gigantinormous Termite mound

magnetic termite mounds-12“magnetic” termite mounds. Aligned north and south to take advantage of the suns’ travel through the sky. These are only found in this area and nowhere else in the world.

magnetic termite mound 1-11They appear to be about 4-5 feet tall. We couldn’t get any closer to them to tell. We were told that there are people who knock them over for fun, so they are trying to keep them safe. Some fun, knocking over a creatures home that took years to build.

wild Cookatoos-34wild Cockatoos    There are all kinds here. Crested, black, etc. I fly to the east coast tomorrow via Cairns. More photos to follow………

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