Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

I went out to the outer reef, along with 100 other people, and snorkeled for around 3 hours. This trip is out to a floating anchored barge type thing built specifically for the purpose of allowing people to dive, snorkel, hardhat dive, ride in a semi submersible and view the reef from a glass bottom boat. We left Cairns at 9am and returned at 5pm. The basic cost was $200. Snorkeling, glass bottom boat, semi submersible, lunch and coffee/tea are included in the price. Everything else is extra. The weather was okay but not spectacular. It is the rainy season, so there were clouds around all day with a little sunshine mixed in. But no rain.

I rented an underwater camera for the shots that follow. Wally, the resident Maori Wrasse, enjoyed being petted like a dog and would come to you if you waved your hand at him. He’s about 4 feet long. He seemed to follow me around, so I got to pet/rub his body 5-6 times. I took over 300 photos and about 40 min. of video. About 20 photos came out okay but all of the rest were blurred or out of focus. And this was a $500 camera I was using. At least I have the memories but some good photos would have been nice.



Wally 1-7

Wally & divers-1

Zebra fish-5


I am staying at a B&B in Yorkeys Knob, which is just north of Cairns. It is situated on a cliff overlooking the Coral Sea. It’s called A Villa Gail.  Gail, the owner, does everything. Breakfast, cleaning, washing, she even picks you up from the airport. And she arranges all of the trips. She is a very nice and talkative lady.

view from sitting area-1View from sitting area next to my room

sunrise at Avilla Gail B&B-2

sunrise from A Villa Gail

rain cloud 1-1

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